Tourist Could Become Quadruple Amputee After Developing Flesh Eating Infection in Australia via Spider Bite

Terry Pareja arrived in Victoria, Australia to visit family but his holiday quickly turned into an absolute horror story.The father of two’s leg began to swell in late February to the point he had to walk with a limp. Unfortunately he had to wait over the weekend because there was no doctor service in the town of Birchip.When he arrived to the GP on Monday, he was rushed to a hospital in Horsham where he underwent emergency surgery to amputate his right leg.If that wasn’t bad enough – doctors soon realised a bacteria infection had started to seep into his other leg.He had to be airlifted to Alfred Hospital in Melbourne to have his left leg amputated, and, as you can see below, there are concerns it may be due to a spider bite…Credit: 7NewsDoctors believe Terry could be suffering a rare necrotising arachnidism or necrotising fasciitis. The latter is a bacterial infection which can attack tissue under the skin including muscles and organs.The 65-year-old remains in a serious condition in hospital with high blood pressure and his kidneys are failing.He’s been in hospital for more than a month and, while his sister says he is showing signs of improvement, Terry could have to have his arms amputated.His sister, Raquel Ogleby, has told the Western Advocate: “I am not sure how well his arms are doing. That is what I am scared about because they didn’t look too good last time.”Doctors are trying to look into what caused the necrosis to start, with some believing it could have been a white-tailed spider.White-Tailed Spider Credit: Australian MuseumThe Australian Museum, on its website, says: “White-tailed spider bites can cause initial burning pain followed by swelling and itchiness at the bitten area. Occasionally, there are unconfirmed reports of weals, blistering or local ulceration – conditions known medically as necrotising arachnidism.”A toxicology report also pointed towards a possible spider bite – but some are not convinced.University of Newcastle researcher Geoff Isbister told AAP: “It’s all about people wanting to be able to label what they have – much better that a spider did this, rather than ‘we are not sure’.”Doctors say Terry could be in hospital for another 12-18 months and his family are already preparing to move house to accommodate him.Unfortunately for Terry, he didn’t travel with insurance and his medical bills are starting to pile up.Credit: Channel 7Terry’s daughter, Jeffmarey Pareja, has started a GoFundMe page for Terry to raise $30,000 (ÂŁ18,199) for his hospital costs.”We do not have much and we are not rich,” she said. “I am knocking on your hearts to help my dad’s medication and hospital bills.”More than 400 people have already pitched in to help – raising half the money needed so far.Most people are well aware Australia is home to many spiders – most of which aren’t venomous to humans. But regardless of whether you get bitten – they’re still absolutely fucking terrifying.Take a look at this bundle of joy which was filmed in a person’s house and shows a nest of tiny spiders which spread like wildfire when they’re provoked.Credit: ViralHogThat’s a whole lot of NOPE in one video. But if that wasn’t bad enough – the mother spider is sitting close by and is MASSIVE! She then scuttles away to the depths of hell where she belongs.All I know is that I wouldn’t be sitting in that house too long if I came across this nest.Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe